* 2015b International CC Conference


The first Virtual International EcoEconomy Conference, Dicember 2015.  Free online participation.

This conference follows from the 3rd International Conference in Brazil in October 2015, & others that happened this year.  


Join us in Facebook to participate in the
live conferences 
throughout Dicember 2015
followed by asinchronic and continuous DIALOGUES
in the Facebook group

Conference Objectives

People who are innovating all over the Planet will update us about the newest, emerging & most interesting things that are happening on the EcoEconomy front.

Some will summarize the conclusions of the most recent conferences: what happened, advances, new connexions, etc., & where they think we need to pull together now.


We're organizing a series of dialogues between innovators and practitioners working for changing the economy. Some dialogues will be in English, others in Spanish.
We invite you to make proposals in the FB group for conversations you would like to see & subjects you think are important to focus on.


Of the dialogues in English (for Spanish Program see here)
<< under construction, see news in Facebook >>









Enrollment & Cost 

Participa is free on-line,

enroll by asking for access to the  Facebook group where we will give the news & develop the dialogues.

If you would like to support this work, donations are gratefully received by PayPal at the 

& also in FreeCoins, Bitcoin & other currencies
 Send for details to the same account.


Proposal Invites

With this conference we aim to summarize the conclusions of the 3rd  International Conference in Brazil  & others this year, to offer a panorama of what is emerging & most innovative at present in terms of EcoEconomy.

If you have a subject to contribute we invite you to create a new dialogue thread in the Facebook group of this conference.


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