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October 2014

Fair Coop

The great event for 2015 for advancing EcoEconomics for all of us will no doubt be the FairCoop proposal, a new open cooperative with world-wide scope, (launched recently by the Catalán colective that is also moving the Integral Revolution) in order to create a new economic system, based o equality on a global level.   



Based on criteria & concepts of the integral revolution, p2p, hacker ethic & degrowth, amongst others, as well as the experiments with local alternative economies.

This is a very large project and for a first immersion we recommend reading the extensive detailed information that you can find on the web www.fair.coop


FairCoop includes the creation of FairCredit;

FairCredit will be the big monetary innovation of FairCoop for creating  - thanks to its complementarity with FairCoin & the work of FairCoop & its members - a new, more equitable & efficient economic system.

Its predicted launch date will be from January 2015, although this will be confirmed when the project is fully defined.


This is how we've planned this: FairCredit will be the mutual credit, global scale monetary system supported by FairCoin, which serves as the vehicle of economic exchanges & of expansion & contraction of credit between members of FairCoop, reducing their need to spend FairCoin & enhancing their function as a store of value, while we develop more appropriate mechanisms for bolstering credit & economic exchanges. 

You can read more detail in the presentation we have up on: https://fair.coop/faircredit


As well as its global reach, we believe that this project can also be innovative because of other aspects, like for example:

  • It will experiment with an economic system with a synergy between the criptocurrency (FairCoin) & a mutual credit system, trying to combine the best of both monetary alternatives synergistically.
  • We will provide automation of the credit level of each user based on a variety of parameters decided by FairCoop;
  • Amongst which will be included p2p assignment of p2p credit between the participants (eg. a consumer group financing their producer)
  • Reputation systems related criteria are also included.
  • Also in development is the free software to support all this, based on p2p technology and cryptography that overcomes the need for a central server in order to increase the system resilience against attacks; we have expert developers in these areas to make it possible.


Forums for Dialogue

This group is starting in the FairCoop's social network:https://fair.coop/groups/faircoop-community/faircredit/forum/
in which the participants can generate constructive discussion about this project.

I have presented there some discussion topics (& others can be added) 

- expiration and oxidation protocols for FairCredit in order to promote its function as a medium of exchange, separate from the function of reserve of value of FairCoin.

- what credit level to predefine for the various participants.  Paper equivalent in faircoin to self-define this level of credit.

- The role of reputation in the definition of credit.

- mechanisms for users to address personal or collective emergencies to cover basic needs such as food, water, shelter, health and education through FairCredit.

We will be delighted to receive the wealth of your experiences, contributions and points of discussion.

best regards
Enric Duran

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