2013 EcoNova Conference

EcoNova Conference 

Evolving a Citizen-Scale Economy, April 2013

Note this conference is now available as a Free MiniCourse, Introduction to EcoEconomics, here


A series of free live online conferences during April 2013, 

about the most promising & dynamic models 

of the new economy that are emerging

& what is needed now for us to 

radically change how we live.

We asked 12 pioneering & visionary people who have been working for decades 

in various practical aspects of the new economic paradigm, 

what are the 5 things they consider most important 

that we need to do in order to change the economy.

The interviews are all translated to english & spanish simultaneously, 

& will be kept as recordings for the people who can't attend live. 

Note this conference is now available as a Free MiniCourse, Introduction to EcoEconomics, here

The Organizers


Carlos Pérez  in Spain (Canaries)

Carlos organizes & facilitates the webinars, creating the conferences, coordinating the enrollments & uploading the conferences to YouTube.
He's a computer engineer & works in E-Learning, based in La Palma, Canary Islands.
Founder of tradingenlazona.com, & eldrago.info
Director of Proyecto Drago y DragoBanco
E-mail: info@eldrago.info
Skype: eldragodelapalma

María Jose Rodriguez, in Spain (Andalucía)

Outreach & Facilitator
Pepa will provide technical support during the conferences & also be the facebook contact (only in spanish).  

Mother of two teenage daughters, full-time laboratory technician & part-time shop steward representative, she is passionate about facilitating a transition to a more rational, sustainable society & in particular of working toward real inclusion & participation.

She is a great proponent of us learning to use modern communications technologies a lot better in order to make important ideas & actions accessible to the maximum number of people, & this is the third online conference she helps to organize (but the first totally bilingual one...)

Pepa speaks here about why she's doing this work  
(2 April)

Vídeo de YouTube

Jose Zamora, in Spain (Canaries)

Jose will provide technical support during the conferences & will also serve as translator to Spanish.

Jose is a Systems Engineer & Integral Permaculture action-learner, & is part of Transition LaPalma. 

He arrived to Tenerife from Cuba with his family (with Canarian ancestors) in 1998, & at 20 years old he is the youngest member of an EcoVillage being created in LaPalma. 

Jose talks here about himself & the conference  
(4 April)

Then interviews Stella about how & why 
she became involved in these conferences
(4 April)

Vídeo de YouTube

Rebecca Reiber, en Panamá

Rebecca will provide technical support during the conferences, in particular for those participating from Latin America.  

One of our precious fully bilingual people, she will also provide translation to english.

Whilst raising a young family, Rebecca was a development consultant, working mainly with NGOs & small businesses, after a 12 year career in international business (import/export).

Her work changed from business development to community development, she has a degree in Sustainable Development, Community Development & Training for Social Action, post-degree studies in LatinAmerican Sociocultural Anthropology & is currently studying Permaculture with NodoEspiral.
She moved to Panamá from the USA in 2005 where the idea started to take root which today, after 8 years, has become an EcoVillage project.

EcoNova supports the campaign

No search, capture or imprisonment for Enric Duran


Note this conference is now available as a Free MiniCourse, Introduction to EcoEconomics, here

was created cooperatively by

 LaPalma en Transición, DragoBancoNodoEspiral of the PermaCulture Academy, International Permaculture Day Red LibertariaCanarina Radio  & all the wonderful speakers who gave their time & wisdom. THANKYOU!!