2014b Horizontal Hostility (1Nov)


What is Horizontal Hostility?

"Horizontal Hostility" (HH) is explained most concisely by the above picture.   It is an expression equivalent to "massive mis-direction of investment", which in practice means we end up working toward destructive, rather than constructive ends.    

HH has little to do, in practice, with constructive disagrements - which are creative & essential in any movement - where diversity & inclusion, as we know, are key to success.  

But can we handle that diversity?  
& the answer is yes, if we learn to distinguish HH from mere disagreements, 
we can, and increase our collective intelligence a great deal.

HH could also be called Collective Stupidity & it is important to notice and map well how it operates so effectively as the greatest obstacle in re-designing the oppressive systems that are currently threatening Life on Earth.

Which projects we support & how determine what is going to work & not work out in practice.  

And Horizontal Hostility (HH) is far too often the reason that projects which are very worth-while for all of us, in fact even vitally important projects for the future of this planet, fail.

Collective Intelligence

In June 2012 we offered another free conference about Collective Intelligence, which is complementary to this one, in the sense that once we eliminate HH, it is possible to greatly increase the productivity of any group or movement with good organizational design, and we have lots of tools & models for this.

You can enroll on the free MiniCourse on Collective Intelligence & see the materials on this subject that we have collected in the Designers Manual: here are the online resources for the Class 1.5 of the Integral Permaculture course.

How to Participate

This online Conference about Horizontal Hostility is designed as a study group for understanding and share how HH operates so effectively as the greatest obstacle in re-designing the oppressive systems which are currently threatening Life on Earth, dividing & wasting the energies of the activist population that is working for change.     

We will collate all contributions into a series of Articles on the subject of HH: you are warmly invited to participate in creating this important resource.

We start on the 1st of November 2014 & we will publish one of the interviews every week in the Facebook group where we hope to generate an interesting, useful and progressive dialogue about these issues, to further inform our collective understanding & practice.  Please do participate by adding your thoughts under each video.    

We ask that you please do not share the videos for now* but invite your friends to "come to the conference" by listening and contributing their feedback in the Facebook group, so we can all benefit from this focus, together.    

* In January we will make the videos public by adding them to the page of each of the Speakers in this web, so you can then share them indipendently also, if you wish.  
We will keep the Facebook group for any further discussion that we might find useful.


What has Horizontal Hostility got to do with EcoEconomics? (why is it in this EcoInversion wiki, together with other EcoEconomics conferences?)

EcoEconomics requires important internal changes - as well as the external ones we normally focus on - in order to work & HH has everything to do with where we fail to invest our energies, time & money & that - we propose - it is a core reason for us having failed to date to change the enormously distructive course of the economy.

This is despite the great numbers of people actively protesting that we very much want it to change, and despite unprecedented number of people actively working everyday on the different pieces of the puzzle that are required for that change.

Of course there is also a great deal of learning we all need to do about how all those new puzzle pieces need to fit together, and we notice that a very significant component in delaying & frustrating the attempts for this puzzle to come together is Horizontal Hostility.

So we think there is a major consciousness-raising effort required just on this topic, hence this conference.

How to Enroll

enrollment is free & easy: simply 

join us in the Facebook group set up for this conference where you can see the interviews, share in the discussions & meet other people interested in this topic.

Invite your organization, family or group!  This is very basic training to help all of our collectives & group dinamics work a lot better.

No previous knowledge required. 

If you have some stories to share, or you don't use Facebook, get in touch!  By writing to this email:
 hola (at) permaculturescience (dot) org

Conference Plan

7Dec - Sharing Conclusions

Conferences in Spanish

If you understand spanish we reccommend also to enroll onto the Conference in Spanish as there are some different and interesting speakers there.

Horizontal Hostility

"It has destroyed many movements for resistance against this culture, and driven people away from these movements in hordes. 

It's much easier to attack our allies for their minor failings rather than take on Monsanto, Wal-Mart, Ford, Nike, Weyerhauser, and so on."