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We hope this conference will serve to raise consciousness about this important topic, and we will experiment with a particular collaborative effort which we invite you all to take part in: 
we are writing a collectively-authored article from the comments we will share in the Facebook group, which we will collate here over time.

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Introductory Presentation

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On 1st Nov 2014 Stella (Coordinator of the Integral Permaculture Academy) gave this talk to launch the Conference, introducing what is HH, why we thought it important to do this conference, why we decided to inaugurate it on the Day of the Dead and All Saint's Day,  and a few other things.   

Below are the slides of the presentation.

A Range of Hostilities

1) Hostility can range from mild and passive, like simply not participating in an initiative that fundamentally you agree with & know you should support, but you don't feel amicable with the people who are organizing it. In practice we name all kinds of excuses for not participating (I don't have time, detail x isn't quite right, I wasn't directly invited, etc.), but essentially (& if we're very honest) there's a feeling of non-friendliness toward the people involved.

2) A notch up in the hostility spectrum
from simply not participating would be to then duplicate the initiative (or participate in a duplicated initiative knowing there was already a similar one running) & create 'your own' group & organization simply because you don't want to collaborate with "the others" for whatever unfriendly reason you invented. This effectively splits the movement, and dilutes effort (unless it's a networked organization where for eg. it makes sense to have local chapters).

3) Another level up in horizontal hostility happens when we let down colleagues & projects we've committed to without proper care & consideration for the people left 'pulling the cart'. We often treat wide-world change groups in ways we would never dare treat the organizations that employ us, even though in fact the first are a lot more important - usually - for the future of the planet. Especially damaging when the group or some leaders have invested much time & energy in preparing us for a role, showing us around, getting to know us, etc.

4) Verbal hostility can be the next level.  Both levels 1 & 2 (& even 3) of this HH spectrum can (& often do) happen without any verbal interaction whatsoever.  But making negative remarks, put-downs, gossip, ... anything that makes it easier for other people to do any or all of the above, can multiply the damage we do to people, groups or initiatives that could be a vital piece of the puzzle that gets us all what we really want: a re-designed more just & ethical society.

"Verbal hostility, or in other words, verbal harassment or abuse is basically a negative defining statement told to or about you or withholding a response and pretending the abuse is not happening.
Verbal abuse (or hostility) can lead to emotional abuse and hostility in the workplace. This can lead to hatred and noneffective dispositions in the workplace, and this is precisely the reason why workplaces work to eliminate such disturbances. However, verbal abuse is seen in many other places, not just in the workplace. In school, it takes the title of bullying and even at home parents can emotionally abuse their children or spouses." (definition from wiki answers)

.... to be continued! ...

where we have a group to discuss these topics

George Carlin
 sums up class structure and the purpose media divisiveness

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The ruling class keeps the lower class fighting 
so the ruling class can keep on ruling 
and lower classes are too distracted fighting with each other to notice.

As American financier Jay Gould noted, after hiring strikebreakers to bust up a union, 
"I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half."

This is taken from Carlin's Jammin in New York.

Lateral Violence in the Workplace

Vídeo de YouTube

Rod Jefferies at a First Nations conference hosted by AMC in Winnipeg.

Definition of Terms

HH = Horizontal Hostility

What is Horizontal Hostility?

Definition of HH from wiki answers

When individuals direct the resentment & anger they have about their situation onto those who are of equal or lesser status.

Hostile is a Latinate word meaning "like an enemy", and so its most precise opposite Latinate word is amicable meaning "like a friend": friendly.

There is a range of HH which we will attempt to map (please send in your suggestions!)

Lateral Violence

Lateral violence is displaced violence directed against one's peers rather than one's true adversaries. 

This construct is used often in explaining minority-on-minority violence in developed nations

Members of low-status ethnic minority groups face greater stresses.

Lateral Violence occurs within marginalized groups where members strike out at each other as a result of being oppressed. 

The oppressed become the oppressors of themselves and each other. 

Common behaviours that prevent positive change from occurring include gossiping, bullying, finger-pointing, backstabbing and shunning.

—Kweykway Consulting

Near-synonyms include horizontal violence, intra-racial conflict and internalised colonialism 

See more in Wikipedia

The Modern Cointelpro

Max Wilbert (one of our speakers) wrote a great article which includes important aspects of Horizontal Hostility: