Aims & Questions

The vision of the conference is to raise consciousness about the mechanics of oppression 
and how its complex but predictable ways operate to keep us all neatly "in our place", divide us & effectively stop us achieving social, political, environmental & economic change 
as quickly as we need to.


In this conference we interview activists that will 

A) share their personal experiences of horizontal hostility & 

B) their observations on how it works in detail so that 

C) we can recognize the pattern when it when it happens, & re-design more intelligent systems, in order to cooperate more effectively & eliminate this plague once & for all.


In particular we ask the speakers:

1) first who you are & what activism have you been involved with up to now

2) which experiences / stories you have of horizontal hostility (what happened, what kind of damage it caused, if it was possible to salvage things or not, what personal & group effects it caused, etc.) 

3) in general, why do you think this happens (what is YOUR theory about horizontal hostility, how it works, etc.)

4) how do you think that we can recognize the signs that some horizontal hostility episode IS or soon will be happening? (so we can recognize them ...) 

5) & how can we CHANGE the story? what do we need to do differently & how?


And please note the above questions are also for you! 
If you have stories about this, we hope you will enrich our collective wisdom with them.

We will publish the interviews in this website & in the Facebook Group, where we welcome your comments & insights, at any time. 

 If you have stories that you'd like to share, do get in touch! 

 hola (at) permaculturescience (dot) org