2. Heloisa Primavera (9Nov)

Heloísa Primavera is a recognized & much appreciated international & multilingual EcoEconomist with a great deal of experience of on-the-ground work with complementary currencies, one of the founders the Red de Trueque Solidario in Argentina, amongst other pioneering initiatives.

She started her career as a biologist, teacher & researcher. Afterwards she did a Master's in Social Sciences & joined the world of emerging social movements, being director of the Social Work career in the National University of Central Buenos Aires.

The observation of events in the 80's, like the silent marches of María Soledad & the manifestations againt the impunity of the Carrasco case, redirected her towards her past active militancy in Brazil, where she was born, for popular education & citizienship building.

From 1996 she connected with the emerging movement of the Exchange Clubs (Club de Trueque - equivalent to LETS scheme in english) in Argentina, and spreaded them through many countries in Latin America, thanks to her work as teacher of Social Management in the Economic Sciences Faculty in the Buenos Aires University, "And as sociologists we always study things when they're already dead, I proposed to do the opposite: I wanted to connect with the people and act, not just research and publish".

Then she proposed adding to the exchange of products & services also the exchange of knowledge & permanent training, to build active & responsible citizenship.

Her works in different languages are published at http://redlases.wordpress.com/archivos/ .

In 2002, she was part of the team that created the Palma currency, inspirer of the current social currencies with local circulation based in 103 community development banks in Brazil, the pioneering initiative supported by the national government & the Central Bank: www.bancopalmas.org.br www.inovacaoparainclusao.com 

She is currently working on her Doctorate in Complex Thought (Multiversidad Edgar Morin), apart from being a professor at the University of Buenos Aires (www.catedradatos.com.ar), adviser for the Future Laboratory (www.conectarlab.com.ar) and a sought-after international speaker on community currencies & the development of local economies.

In 2013 she published the chapter on social currencies in Brazil, for the Portuguese version of the classic book by Bernard Lietaer "The Future of Money", with a preface by professor Paul Singer, National Secretary of Solidary Economy for Brazil's Ministery of Work and Employment, from 2003 up till now: www.ofuturododinheiro.wordpress.com

We interviewed Heloisa on 5th August 2014, look out for her interview in the Facebook Group & do share your comments & thoughts.