3. Max Wilbert (16Nov)

Max Wilbert is an activist, photographer, and writer based in Salt Lake City. 

Although he's only 26 years old, he has been working against racism, social injustice, war, and environmental issues for over a decade.

We interviewed Max on 16th April 2014.
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Max wrote a great article which includes important aspects of Horizontal Hostility, see 

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Radio Program

You can listen to an interview Max gave on the 6th April 2014 
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Arctic Emergency: Scientists Speak
This is a documentary Max created

Vídeo de YouTube

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Despite the seeming popularity of environmental and social justice work in the modern world, we’re not winning. We’re losing. In fact, we’re losing really badly.

Why is that?

One reason is because few popular strategies pose real threats to power. That’s not an accident: the rules of social change have been clearly defined by those in power. Either you play by the rules — rules which don’t allow you to win — or you break free of the rules, and face the consequences.

“By encouraging horizontal, crowdsourced repression, activists’ focus is shifted safely away from those in power and towards each other.”

The campaigns against DGR do have many of the hallmarks of COINTELPRO-style repression. They are built on a foundation of political differences magnified into divisive hatred through paranoia and the spread of hearsay. In the 1960s and 70s, techniques that seem similar were used to create divisions within groups like the Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement.

Ultimately, these movements tore themselves apart in violence and suspicion; the powerful were laughing all the way to the bank. In many cases, we don’t even know if the FBI was involved; what is certain is that the FBI-style tactics – snitchjacketing, rumormongering, the sowing of division and hatred – were being adopted by paranoid activists.

In some ways, the truth doesn’t really matter. Whether these activists were working for the state or not, they served to destroy movements, alliances, and friendships that took decades or generations to build.


The Modern Cointelpro and How to Fight it