5. Rachel Ivey (30Nov)

Rachel Ivey is a feminist activist, writer, and educator on issues including reproductive justice, resistance to ecocide, and gender critical feminism.
She serves on the Steering Committee of Deep Green Resistance, a radical feminist environmental organization.
While with DGR, she has written and given dozens of educational talks and workshops across North America on the topic of militant resistance to environmental and social oppression.

Also in conjunction with her work with DGR, she gave a talk entitled The End of Gender (or alternatively, I Was a Teenage Liberal) which engendered some controversy due to its critique of third wave feminism’s liberal conception of gender.

She has been subject to harassment, threats, and no-platforming since speaking publicly in favor of gender abolition. 

She is also on the board of Warrior Sisters Society, a women-run nonprofit that provides free self-defense training and materials to women in need. 

In recent years, she has spoken on radical reproductive justice at the 2013 Stop Porn Culture feminist teach-in in Boston, on the current state of feminism at the 2013 Redstockings radical feminist conference in NYC, and on the connections between misogyny and ecocide at the 2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, Oregon.

DGR East Coast Road Show in Washington, D.C. 

Part 2

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The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform

Deep Green Resistance

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Gender is not an individual choice, it is not a natural state, and it is not just an idea. Don't settle for reform - strive for revolution, and the abolition of gender.

This is the single most controversial topic which has resulted in many attacks on DGR as well as Rachel & other feminists that have supported the more radical view of gender.

Tactics and Talking Points: Re-Radicalizing the Fight for Abortion Access

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