14Oct The Story of FairCoop

The Earth cooperative for a fair economy

Tuesday, October 14, 6pm 

We interview Enric Durán on the very inspiring story of what led up to the creation of the Integral Catalan Cooperative (2500 people strong, using their own local money) & now, just a few years later to FairCoop, the first world-wide & open cooperative with the aim of changing the economic system imposed by the elites (launched in September).

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Recording of the event:

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You can see up to date news about Enric in his blog:

& a great documentary of twenty people who tell their story of Enric's 'BankRobbery', and recall the projects and initiatives to which those resources were allocated:


We are preparing a longer conference for 2015
to explore this initive of the Integral Revolution
& all it's various synergetic innovations.


Here the full conference that Enric gave at the

Everyone was asked what are the 5 things they consider most important that we need to do in order to change the economy.  These were Enric's 5:

1.    Generating local economies requieres recreating all parts of the economic system: production, consumption, financing, marketing/distribution & exchange technologies

2.    Social currencies are important, but they need to work with all other aspects of the economy in order to be effective.

3.    In order to create another economy we also need to create alternatives that can substitute the dependency on the international banking system.

4.    As well as local money, we need alternatives to the currencies that predominates at international level. The spread of bitcoin could be a key in how to create them.

5.    It is necessary & possible to create at bioregional level the economic & social holistic systems to move us away from the nation-states framework, & integral cooperatives are an example under construction of this.

And this is what they have been busy doing within the Integral Revolution framework, so we'll hear an update in today's conference.

You can see the recording of the event below

This was recorded 
Live on Tuesday
October 14

the next day we did the same event but in spanish, and we had some very good questions from the audience


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