16Oct Economics of Nature

Holistic Grazing EcoBusinesses & Climate Change
Thursday, October 16, 6pm to 7pm UTC

We interview Glenn Gall about his work as a climate activist & farmer also helping others to create more ecobusinesses which both sustain us and repair vital ecosystems.

Glenn is passionate about the extraordinary power of nature to reverse global warming, and most importantly in putting these climate-saving strategies into practice worldwide.

Glenn Gall lives in Oberlin, Ohio, where he works with the Oberlin Project and the New Agrarian Center, when he is not working on his farm or with his sheep.

Glenn's lifelong passions have been music and peace and justice advocacy but he worked in polymer research and electronic technology before becoming a farmer/rancher and permaculturist in 2001.

His climate activism centers around the most effective means of removing otherwise persistent and damaging atmospheric greenhouse gasses. 

& slides used during the talk are attached at the bottom of this page

Access Glenn's website at http://reverseglobalwarming.org/resources/ to view helpful resources to help create a healthy and abundant world.

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For those who understand spanish ... 
there is a complementary talk by Jose on Saturday 
on the same subject, jut different experiences, 
environment and perspectives.

Glenn's participation in the EcoNova Conference, April 2013:

The five most important things to change the economy that Glenn talked about are:

1. Challenge yourself and learn the truth about life, all living things, and about their relationships, the possibilities, and what it all means.

2. Settle only for good and excellent. Learn what good really is, as opposed to less-bad or what we often settle for.

3. Participate in the Economy of Life. Design for Life with it's cycles and flows. Enable more of it. Feed the Life Economy and it will feed us.

4. Live in right relationship with all of creation. It is not so much a question of feeding the world or survival as of our relationship with nature and each other that will sustain and fulfill us.

5. Do more than you think you can do. Be alert. Be creative. Collaborate and form relationships. The vision must be of a brilliant, amazing, abundant world - nothing less!


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recorded live on Thursday,
October 16,

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